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Harness the power of AI to manipulate and understand images and text!
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TextUnbox is an Artificial Intelligence-based tool that offers an array of text and image processing capabilities. Key functionalities include the ability to extract both printed and handwritten text from images, which includes curved and rotated images.

Furthermore, it provides the feature to generate an image from both text and voice descriptions, demonstrating TextUnbox's proficiency in natural language processing and image synthesis.

In terms of audio processing, TextUnbox can extract text from audio files efficiently. The tool alone has impressive language translation capabilities, capable of converting text from one language to another swiftly.

Image processing functions also extend to providing descriptive summaries in English of an image's content and removing image backgrounds, leaving only the foreground objects.

TextUnbox offers a standard REST API to seamlessly integrate its functionalities in user applications for customized solutions. Moreover, it also presents browser-based operation for easy accessibility.

For developers, TextUnbox provides comprehensive documentation backing up its functionalities, aiding ease of implementation.Built to operate effectively across multiple platforms, the tool exhibits a responsive design making it optimized for mobile use as well.

TextUnbox supports more than 20 world languages, highlighting its usability to a diverse user base. Given its wide range of functions and ease of use, TextUnbox is a powerful tool for numerous applications in text and image processing domains.


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Pros and Cons


Extracts from curved images
Extracts from rotated images
Generates image from voice
Supports 20+ languages
Free trial available
Responsive mobile design
Browser-based solution
Extracts from printed images
Extracts from handwritten images
Extracts text from audio
Image description in English
Image background removal
Price variations for operations
Generates image from text
Comprehensive documentation
OCR in browser support
Speech to image conversion
Built-in language translation
User-friendly accessibility


Limited language translation capabilities
No real-time translation
No voice recognition
Inefficient extraction from audio
No support for rare languages
No customizable pricing plans
No multilingual support for images
Inaccurate OCR for complex images
No mention of data privacy
No offline functionality


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How can I integrate TextUnbox in my application?
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