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Extracted text, generated images, translated language.
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TextUnbox is an AI tool that provides powerful solutions for text extraction, image generation, and language translation. It uses advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract text from printed or handwritten images, even those that are curved or rotated.

It also allows users to generate an image from voice description and extract text from audio. TextUnbox also offers language translation services for more than 20 languages.

It provides a browser-based solution for users to paste or upload images and extract text, as well as a REST API for users to build their own solution.

TextUnbox also offers simple and fair pricing plans for users to purchase either 100, 500, or 1000 successful operations. There is also a free trial available for users to try out and test the tool.

With TextUnbox, users can easily harness the power of AI and work smarter.

Textunbox was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Advanced OCR technology
Extracts from curved images
Extracts from rotated images
Image generation from voice
Text extraction from audio
Supports over 20 languages
Browser-based solution
REST API for customization
Fair pricing plans
Only successful operations count
Image description in English
Free trial available
Image generation from text
Responsive design optimized for mobile use
Tool available in the browser or API
Provides Documentation
Updated with unlimited future updates
OCR in browser feature
One-time payment for operations
Provides support


Difficulty with complex images
Limited language support
Limited operations in plans
Lack of detailed examples
Can't process multiple files


What is TextUnbox?
How does TextUnbox utilize OCR technology?
Can TextUnbox extract text from rotated or curved images?
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Does TextUnbox have a browser-based solution?
What is the REST API provided by TextUnbox for?
What are the pricing plans for TextUnbox?
Is there a free trial available for TextUnbox?
How does TextUnbox handle image generation from voice descriptions?
Can TextUnbox extract text from audio?
How can I build my own solution using TextUnbox?
How does TextUnbox support more than 20 world languages?
Is TextUnbox optimized for mobile use?
What should I expect with the TextUnbox pricing packages?
What are the successful operations counted in TextUnbox pricing plans?
How do I purchase TextUnbox units?
How can I get a free trial of TextUnbox?
What kind of images can I upload on TextUnbox for text extraction?
Can I perform all the operations provided by TextUnbox in one go?
What kind of customer support is available for TextUnbox users?

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