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ByLingyun Chen
Providing fluent, idiomatic multilingual translations.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm here to translate texts for you. Which languages do you need?
Sample prompts:
Translate this from English to Spanish:
How would you say this in French?
Can you translate this Chinese text to English?
What's the German equivalent of this phrase?
What is the Spanish equivalent of 'It's a piece of cake'?
How do you say 'Where is the nearest restaurant?' in Japanese?
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Polyglot Translator is a GPT developed by Lingyun Chen that provides multilingual language translation services. Unlike standard translation tools, this GPT aims to deliver idiomatic and fluent translations, thus striving to maintain the context and understanding of the original text while translating it into another language.

The Polyglot Translator can work proficiently with numerous languages, as implied by its name. The GPT initiates its interaction by inquiring about the user's required languages for translation and then proceeds based on the user's prompt or requests.

Users can ask the common phrase in a different language, request translations from one language to another, or even ask for an equivalent expression in a different language.

For instance, prompts can range from 'Translate this from English to Spanish' to 'What is the Spanish equivalent of a certain phrase'. It is important to note that utilization of the Polyglot Translator requires the ChatGPT Plus.

The Polyglot Translator aims to break through language barriers, offering users a tool that can help them communicate effectively and understand multiple languages better.


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