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Transcribed audio/video to text for 30+ languages.
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SpeechText.AI is an AI-powered speech to text conversion and audio and video transcription tool. Users can upload audio or video files in various formats and convert them into accurately transcribed text using state-of-the-art deep neural network models.

The tool supports over 30 languages and non-native speaker accents, and can identify which individuals spoke which words in multi-participant conversations, making it ideal for businesses and journalists.

Additionally, users can select industry domains and audio types from predefined categories to improve recognition accuracy of domain-specific words. The tool also includes an audio search engine, automatic punctuation, and interactive editing tools to assist with proofreading.

Users can export transcripts in various formats such as PDF, DOCX, and TXT.SpeechText.AI offers a set of amazing features to help users transcribe audio and video into text in seconds, including multiple domain-optimized models for increased recognition accuracy.

This translates to a high degree of transcription accuracy, with the tool achieving a word error rate of 3.8% on the open-source LibriSpeech dataset.The tool’s starting price is $10 for 180 transcription minutes, and it offers pay-as-you-go pricing plans.

SpeechText.AI is fully GDPR-compliant, with physical servers hosted in Europe. Users can delete transcription results and uploaded files from the user dashboard at any time.


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SpeechText was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transcribes 30+ languages
Recognizes non-native accents
Identifies individual speakers
Domain-specific recognition
Audio search engine
Automatic punctuation
Interactive proofreading tools
Various export formats
High transcription accuracy
Affordable pricing plans
User-controlled data deletion
Supports multiple file formats
Proofreading interface
Can export as DOCX
Improved speech recognition quality
Supports different audio types
Physical servers in Europe
End-user confidentiality
Automated transcription
Processes audio types uniquely
Generates subtitles
Used for diverse purposes
Helps transcribe medical data
Assists in conference call analysis
Aids in podcast transcription
Performs MP3 to text conversion
Neural network models
Assists in transcription of interviews


Limited maximum file size
Doesn't accommodate offline usage
Pay-as-you-go pricing
Unspecified deletion period
No multi-user support
No free permanent service
3.8% word error rate
No real-time transcription
No voice-command capabilities
Doesn't handle noisy environments well


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