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Video transcription & subtitle generation.
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Vscoped is an AI-powered video transcribing service that allows users to transcribe TikTok, YouTube short, or long-format videos quickly and accurately.

With customizable transcription styles, Vscoped aims to enhance accessibility and engagement for content creators, marketers, and individuals. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it simple for users of all levels of experience to transcribe their video and audio files effortlessly.In addition to transcribing content, Vscoped provides an option to add hardcoded subtitles, which are permanently embedded into the video.

This feature improves accessibility for viewers with hearing impairments or language barriers.Vscoped's AI technology provides one of the fastest and most accurate video transcription services on the market.

The platform supports the transcribing of videos of any length or form, generating accurate text versions of the content. With advanced AI algorithms, Vscoped ensures that the transcriptions closely match the spoken words in the videos or audio recordings.The platform offers editing and formatting flexibility, allowing users to customize transcriptions to match their unique voice and brand.

Users can easily make corrections, add timestamps, and tailor the layout to align with their specific requirements.Vscoped prioritizes data security and confidentiality, maintaining strict protocols throughout the transcribing process.

The service also offers multilingual support, allowing users to transcribe videos and audio files in various languages.Currently available in beta, Vscoped is free to use, and users are encouraged to provide feedback to help enhance the platform.

Early feedback providers may receive a discount on the full release of Vscoped.


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Dec 7, 2023
operates slowly but ok

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Pros and Cons


Transcribes TikTok, YouTube videos
Customizable transcription styles
User-friendly interface
Hardcoded subtitle addition
Fast and accurate transcription
Supports videos of any length
Editing and formatting flexibility
High data security
Multilingual support
Cost-free beta version
Discount for early feedback
Capable of adding timestamps
Supports transcription customization
Quick transcription process
Confidentiality protocols
Accurate language transcription
Accessible to any user
Feedback encouraged in beta
Efficient transcription of audio


Beta version
Offers no pricing structure
Subtitles are hardcoded
Lacks seamless translation feature
Limited formatting options
Doesn't offer multiple export formats
Lacks font options for subtitles


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How does Vscoped ensure data security during the transcription process?
Can Vscoped transcribe videos in different languages?
How can I customize the transcriptions on Vscoped?
Can Vscoped add timestamps to my transcriptions?
How fast can Vscoped transcribe my video content?
What's the pricing for using Vscoped?
Is it currently free to use Vscoped?
How can I provide feedback on the beta version of Vscoped?
It is mentioned that early feedback providers may get discount on Vscoped full release. What does this mean?
What makes Vscoped's AI technology superior in video transcriptions?
How does Vscoped handle language barriers for viewers?
Can Vscoped match the transcription style to my unique voice and brand?
Can Vscoped assist in transcribing audio files as well?

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