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Transcribe and summarize YouTube videos for free.
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Nobinge is a free tool that generates text transcripts of any YouTube video that supports subtitles. It aims to save time, enhance learning efficiency, and reduce internet data usage.

Apart from generating transcripts, Nobinge can leverage AI summarizers, like ChatGPT, to provide succinct summaries of the video content. Users can directly copy the transcript or download it for offline use.

The process is straightforward - users paste the URL of the required YouTube video into Nobinge, and the system generates the transcript. Additionally, the tool can cater to lengthy videos, offering subtitles in multiple languages, including but not limited to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

While some AI summarizers may face difficulty in handling extensive transcripts, updates to these AIs are continuously extending their capability. Although models like Google Gemini or Microsoft Copilot currently do not support large prompts for summarizing, users are free to test other Large Language Models.

However, it is advised that users ensure the AI tools they choose adequately meet their specific needs.


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Pros and Cons


Free tool
Generates transcripts
Enhances learning efficiency
Reduces data usage
Offline use support
Lengthy video support
Multilingual transcription
Direct transcript copy
Transcript download option
Summary provided by like ChatGPT
YouTube URL input
No known transcript length limit
Summary in user's language
No prompt limit in summarizing
Prompts from Large Language Models
Integration with Google Gemini
Integration with Microsoft Copilot


Limited to YouTube videos
Dependent on video subtitles
Doesn't support large summaries
Requires manual URL input
No support for audio files
No direct integration with YouTube
Potential language translation errors
No API for developers


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Why might there be difficulties with using AI summarizers like Gemini or Copilot?
How does Nobinge enhance learning efficiency?
Can I download the transcripts generated by Nobinge?
What languages does Nobinge support for subtitles?
Is Nobinge really free?
How do I get started with using Nobinge?
How can Nobinge reduce internet data consumption?
Can I use Nobinge for offline learning?
Are AI summarizers used by Nobinge constantly updated?
What's the process to get a transcript of a video using Nobinge?
Can I get a summarized version of a video instead of a full transcript?
Why should I use Nobinge over other transcript generators?
Does Nobinge support multiple languages for transcript generation?
Do I have to enter the YouTube video URL manually to get a transcript?
Can I use other Large Language Models with Nobinge?

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