Video transcription 2023-11-14
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BySmartup AI SPA
Transcribe the latest Open AI videos
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The 'new videos in channel' GPT provides transcripts of the latest Open AI videos. Designed by Smartup AI SPA, it acts as a utility to users by enabling access to the textual form of Open AI's latest video content.

This is particularly beneficial as it provides users the flexibility to digest the contents in a textual format. The GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for use.

It comes with unique features like a welcome message and prompt starters which intend to facilitate user engagement and provide a seamless interaction.

Upon signing up, users are immediately greeted with a welcome message and encouraged to start their journey. Essentially, this GPT serves as an essential resource for those keeping up with Open AI's latest video releases, and prefer accessing the content transcriptions due to reasons like ease of understanding, language barriers, or unavailable audio devices.

For AI enthusiasts, researchers, and academicians who regularly follow Open AI's video contents, this GPT could serve as a helpful and practical tool to maintain an information repository in a textual form.


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new videos in channel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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