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Powerful transcription and audio editing software.
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Descript is a powerful AI tool for transcription, podcasting, screen recording and more. Descript’s transcription service uses industry-leading accuracy with near-instant turnaround and costs pennies per minute.

The AI-powered Speaker Detective can automatically add speaker labels in seconds. Descript is available in 22 languages and your data is securely stored in the cloud with full version history.

Collaborators can access your data from anywhere. The free plan is available with no credit card required to get started. Paid plans start at $12 per month.

Descript also offers a White Glove service for up to 99% accuracy in an average of 24 hours. Descript is a great tool for editing, workflows, storytelling, video editing, security and more.

Descript was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 25th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Available in 22 languages
Near-instant transcription turnaround
Cost-effective transcription services
Market-leading transcription accuracy
Speaker labels addition
Cloud storage of data
Full version history
Accessible from anywhere
No credit card free plan
White Glove service for higher accuracy
Useful for video editing
Facility for screen recording
Supports podcasting
Social clips and templates
Overdub feature
Studio sound
Filler word removal function
Subtitles and Captions facility
Feature for Publishing
Live collaboration option
Secured data
Help & Support
User-friendly changelog
Affiliate program
Automatic speaker labels
Professional transcriptionists
Free importing of accurate transcription
Ability to sync to media
Free plan available
Integrated API
Filler word removal
Publish and share facility
Dedicated feature requests platform
Blog for insights
Events participation
Status check availability
Cookies settings
Ethics policy
Video editing capability
Security features
Used in podcasting
Screen recording feature
Subtitles & Captions creation
High quality studio sound
Social Clips & Templates
Overdub voice synthesis
Flexible pricing plans


Language support limitations
Cloud-based, potential data security
Limited accuracy on transcription
Depends on internet connection
Lack of free plan features
Additional cost for high accuracy
No offline work capability
Limited editing features
Slow White Glove Service
No short term subscriptions


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How does Descript transcribe audio to text?
What is the accuracy rate of Descript's transcription?
Does Descript support multiple languages for transcription?
How secure is my data with Descript?
What are the features offered in Descript's free plan?
What's the pricing of Descript's paid plans?
What is Descript's White Glove service?
What kind of editing features does Descript offer?
Can I use Descript for podcasting?
How do Descript's screen recording features work?
Does Descript have the ability to identify and label speakers?
What are some uses of Descript in storytelling and video editing?
Does Descript offer collaboration tools?
What resources does Descript provide for help and support?
What features does Descript offer for subtitles and captions?
What is the 'Overdub' feature in Descript?
How does Descript perform filler word removal?
Is there a facility to publish and share directly from Descript?
Can I integrate other apps or tools with Descript?


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