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Convert audio or video to text instantly.
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Transkriptor is an AI-powered tool designed to automatically transcribe audio and video content into text. It is primarily used to transcribe meetings, interviews, lectures, and other types of verbal communication.

Transkriptor offers multilingual support for transcription, boasting compatibility with more than 40 languages worldwide. This makes it suitable for a diverse range of users from all over the globe.

The platform is also integrated with a simple user interface designed to facilitate ease of use. In addition to basic transcription services, Transkriptor also features an AI-powered assistant for automatic meeting note generation.

This feature allows users to focus on their meetings while the assistant handles recording and transcription. As such, manual note-taking during meetings is minimized, which can save time and effort for team members.

User reviews rate its performance highly, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.


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Pros and Cons


Multilingual support (40+ languages)
Automatic meeting note generation
Simple user interface
Highly rated customer satisfaction
Audio to text conversion
Video to text conversion
Transcription of online content
Meeting transcript automation
Minimizes manual note-taking
Time-saving solution
Supports multimedia content
Instantaneous query response
Automatic document translation
Supports remote collaboration
Supports simultaneous editing
Supports all audio/video formats
Accessible from any device
Google Chrome extension
Mobile app available
Integrates with Zoom, Teams, Google Meet
Secure storage of conversation data
Variety of export options
Transcription from web links
Editing in slow motion
Built-in sharing option
Multi-speaker recognition
Fast translation speed
High transcription accuracy
Affordable pricing
Free trial available
Direct audio recording option
Automatic transcription email notification
Rich text editing capabilities
Client testimonials available
Large customer base


Unsupported file formats
Limited export options
Unclear pricing
Requires reliable internet access
Limited offline functionality
Accuracy depends on audio quality
Missing advanced customization
Lacks real-time transcription
No API for integrations
Limited automation capabilities


What is Transkriptor and how does it work?
What types of content can Transkriptor transcribe?
How does Transkriptor support multilingual transcription?
How many languages does Transkriptor support?
How easy is it to use the Transkriptor interface?
What is the role of the AI-powered assistant in Transkriptor?
How does Transkriptor handle note-taking during meetings?
How do users typically rate the performance of Transkriptor?
How does Transkriptor convert audio to text?
Can Transkriptor convert video to text?
How does meeting notes automation work in Transkriptor?
What type of technology does Transkriptor use for transcription?
How does Transkriptor affect customer satisfaction levels?
What types of digital content does Transkriptor handle?
Can multiple users work on Transkriptor simultaneously?
How does Transkriptor assist in increasing productivity?
How does Transkriptor handle transcription of different languages?
What are the capabilities of Transkriptor's AI assistant?
How can Transkriptor help minimize manual note-taking during meetings?
What are some examples of common use cases for Transkriptor?

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