Audio transcription 2020-11-10
Convert video and audio to text in minutes, privately and securely.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-enabled transcription software designed to convert both audio and video into text. With over 100 recognized languages and dialects, the tool is capable of automatically generating captions for videos. ensures privacy and security in its operations, enabling confidential transcriptions. Equipped with a user-friendly online editor, the platform allows users to review, edit and customize their transcriptions as needed.

Transcripts can be exported in various formats including Word, PDF, CSV, VTT, and SRT. The tool also offers collaborative features, allowing shareability of transcripts either as read-only or with editing permissions for team collaboration.

Furthermore, provides automatic speaker labelling and it supports a wide range of audio and video file formats (mp3, mp4, wav, m4a, mov, 3gp, avi, aac, wma, wmv, etc.), converting them into text.

The platform has been positively reviewed for its rapid processing, high-quality transcriptions and transparent pricing. It is particularly suitable for transcribing interviews, podcasts, meetings and phone calls.


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Ebby was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Supports 100+ languages
Automated video captions
User-friendly online editor
Highly customizable transcriptions
Supports many export formats
Collaboration and shareability features
Automatic speaker labelling
Supports various audio/video file formats
Fast processing
High-quality transcriptions
Transparent pricing
Suitable for interviews, podcasts, etc.
Private and secure
Positive user reviews
In-sync media playback and text
Adjustable playback speed
Search, edit and replace text
Export to Word, PDF, CSV, VTT, SRT
Share with editing permissions
Quick proofreading with Online Editor
Pay-as-you-go plans
No hidden fees or subscription
Auto subtitles for videos
Exports to SRT, VTT, ASS captions
Timecode-display options
Read-only sharing option
Top priority data security
Supports mp3, mp4, wav, m4a, etc.
Automatic punctuation, profanity filtering
Bulk edit speaker names
Integrates with 1000+ apps via Zapier
Advanced speech to text API
24/7 customer support
Unlimited storage
Automatic Transcription Service
Speaker Detection
Transcription for Phone calls
Transcription for Video chats
Transcription for Documentaries


Lacks offline functionality
No mobile version
Lacks real-time transcription
Requires file upload
No automatic translation
Limited file export formats
Not for medical transcription
Inaccuracy with heavy accents
Pay-per-use may add up
No integration with video platforms


What is
What kind of files can transcribe?
Can generate captions for videos?
How many languages does support?
Is safe to use for confidential transcriptions?
What sort of editing options does offer for transcriptions?
In what formats can transcriptions be exported in
Does support team collaboration?
Can you share transcripts with editing permissions on
How does handle speaker labelling?
What is the price structure for services?
Who is suitable for?
How quickly can transcribe an audio file?
Can you store your media files on
Does offer a free trial?
Do I need to give my credit card information for the free trial on
How can you subtitle videos with
How do you start transcribing with
Can be integrated with other apps for transcription workflow?
What's the customer support availability for

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