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Transcriptmate is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered transcription tool that converts audio files into text. It provides automatic transcription with a high level of accuracy, supporting audio up to three hours long.

The transcriptions are returned to users in several formats, including csv, srt, txt, and doc. The platform works with multiple languages and is suitable for various professionals like podcasters, YouTubers, journalists, and others who work with audio content frequently.

In addition to transcribing audio, Transcriptmate also offers 'Diarization'; a feature that identifies and labels different speakers in a recording. For content creators, the platform also offers a unique 'Content Bundle' service where it delivers a ready-to-publish blog article, an SEO ready file, and prepared content for multiple social media platforms based on your recording.

The platform prioritizes user data security, ensuring the secure processing and deletion of user recordings immediately post-transcription.


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Pros and Cons


Transcription in 2 clicks
Supports 3-hour-long audio files
High level of accuracy
Offers several output formats
Multilingual support
Can identify different speakers
Data security prioritized
Fast transcription service
Supports various professions
Unique 'Content Bundle' service
Prepared social media content
Creation of SEO ready files
Suitable for YouTubers
Good for podcasters
Transcription emailed directly
Supports multiple languages
No subscription required
Supports major card payments
Risk-free trial
Transcription summary available
Payments managed via Stripe
Possibility of adding YouTube videos
Multiple language support
Prepared content for SEO
Uses model trained on proper names
Transcript delivered within 2 hours
Audio data deleted post-transcription
Accepts various audio file formats
Secure HTTPS server encryption
Tooltip for customer names
Directly transcribes from video, audio files
Email delivery of transcriptions
Good for Journalists
Flexible pricing options
Fast and efficient service
Positive customer reviews
Ready-to-publish blog article service
Payment via Stripe
Customer service contact available
Offers a refund if unsatisfied
No-time-limit files transcription
Visa, Mastercard, AmEx payments
Well-structured API
Provides a summary of transcription
Good for content creators
Strong data privacy assurance
Transcripts also delivered in CSV
Prepares social media ready content
Suitable for large file uploads
Preparing meta description service
Creative content crafting service


Limited to 3-hour audio
No subscription options
Additional charges for diarization
No real-time transcription
Transcription ready only in 2 hours
Limited language support
No direct YouTube integration
High price for single file
Requires manual upload of files


What is the maximum length of an audio file that Transcriptmate can transcribe?
How long does it take for Transcriptmate to transcribe an audio file?
Does Transcriptmate support multiple languages for transcriptions?
What document formats does Transcriptmate support?
What is the 'Diarization' feature offered by Transcriptmate?
What professionals can benefit from using Transcriptmate?
How does the 'Content Bundle' service from Transcriptmate work?
Can Transcriptmate identify and label different speakers in a recording?
In what format does Transcriptmate return the transcriptions?
How secure is the data and user recordings on Transcriptmate?
How can I contact Transcriptmate if I have any issues or inquiries?
Is Transcriptmate suitable for YouTubers?
How does the payment works for Transcriptmate?
Does Transcriptmate offer transcription for Government officials?
Can students use Transcriptmate for transcription services?
What is the cost of using Transcriptmate per file?
How does Transcriptmate ensure the security of my data?
What languages does Transcriptmate support for transcriptions?
Is there an affiliate program offered by Transcriptmate?
Are there any subscription plans or commitments when using Transcriptmate?

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