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Collaborate on video and audio transcription
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Trint is an AI-powered software tool that specializes in transcribing video and audio files into text. It offers a quick and efficient solution for converting various media formats into written content.

With support for over 30 languages, Trint ensures accurate transcription results with up to 99% accuracy. Once transcribed, users can take advantage of Trint's content editing features to verify, edit, search, and playback transcripts.

The tool also allows users to collaborate in real time, facilitating teamwork through highlight and comment tools. Granular access permissions and shared drives enable seamless sharing and sign-offs.Trint offers flexible workflow integration options, allowing users to export transcripts into multiple formats or integrate them with other platforms.

The tool enhances accessibility and global reach by providing closed captions and automatic translations into more than 50 languages. With a focus on security, Trint takes measures to protect user content.

The company is ISO 27001 certified and hosts data servers in both the US and EU. Trint ensures privacy by never listening to recordings and training its AI externally to safeguard user data.Trint is trusted by a wide range of industries, including media firms, researchers, and content creators.

The software is user-friendly, making it one of the easiest-to-use transcription tools available. As an innovative solution, Trint leverages AI to streamline the transcription process, enabling users to tell stories faster and boost productivity.


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Pros and Cons


Supports 30+ languages
99% transcription accuracy
Real-time collaboration
Content editing features
Seamless sharing and sign-offs
Supports export into multiple formats
Integrates with other platforms
Provides closed captions
Automatic translation into 50+ languages
ISO 27001 certified
Extensive data server locations
Guarantee of user privacy
Real-time productivity tracking
Transcribes video and audio
Supports various media formats
User-friendly interface
Transcription processing speed
Mobile application available
Bespoke enterprise solutions
Highly trusted by industries
Dedicated support teams
Granular access permissions


99% accuracy not 100%
Limited to 30 languages
Closed captions not customizable
No live transcription
ISO 27001, no other certifications
Limited export formats
No native mobile app
Limited integration options
Data servers only in US and EU
No transcription speed options


What is Trint?
How does Trint work?
What languages does Trint support?
How accurate is Trint's transcription service?
What editing features does Trint offer?
Can I collaborate with others using Trint?
Can I export transcripts from Trint into other formats?
Does Trint offer automatic translations?
How does Trint ensure the security of my data?
What is Trint's privacy policy?
Who typically uses Trint?
How user-friendly is Trint's software?
What industries trust Trint?
How can Trint improve my productivity?
How does Trint integrate with workflows?
Can Trint be used for automatic closed captioning?
Does Trint have a mobile app?
How does the Trint vs Otter, Descript, Rev, Happy Scribe compare?
Can I use Trint for quick caption generation for videos?
Can I use Trint for generating transcriptions for research insights and analysis?

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