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Enhance hiring with outlines, transcriptions, insights.
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Hireguide is an interview intelligence platform designed to assist in the hiring process by providing transcription, video, and training tools. It offers an Interview Outline Builder that generates structured interview outlines based on the position being hired for, including recommended skills, interview questions, and tips on what to look for in an ideal candidate.

These customizable interview templates can be easily shared with hiring managers or across the organization.The platform also includes an Interview Recording feature that works with popular video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet.

With a click, critical moments can be automatically captured, and the platform provides sharable videos, searchable transcripts, and AI insights on the interview.Hireguide aims to streamline the feedback cycle by providing automated interview notes through transcription.

The platform syncs notes with applicant tracking systems and allows for easy sharing of feedback within the hiring team or organization.By leveraging technology and AI, Hireguide helps improve the quality of hire by providing better questions, facilitating a better interview process, and ensuring better-trained interviewers.

It also aims to reduce time to hire by providing efficient tools and processes.The platform promotes effective and equitable interviews by offering structured interview platforms that enable compliant processes, helping screen for skills, and ensuring a consistent candidate experience.Overall, Hireguide aims to make the hiring process efficient, effective, and enjoyable by providing tools that help hiring teams hire the right talent.

It is used by various well-known companies and offers customizable templates, interview recording and transcription, and a collaborative workflow for teams.


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Pros and Cons


Interview Outline Builder
Generates structured interview outlines
Customizable interview templates
Interview Recording feature
Works with Zoom, Teams, Google Meet
Automatically captures critical moments
Provides sharable videos
Searchable transcripts
Automated interview notes
Synchronizes notes with tracking systems
Easy feedback sharing
Streamlines feedback cycle
Facilitates a better interview process
Improves quality of hire
Reduces time to hire
Promotes effective and equitable interviews
Enables compliant processes
Screens for skills
Provides consistent candidate experience
Collaborative workflow for teams
Used by well-known companies
Compliant with applicant tracking systems
Integration with video conferencing tools
Promote equitable hiring processes
Caters for effective interviews
Improves interviewer training
Auto-generation of interview outlines


No offline functionality
Incompatibility with less popular video conferencing platforms
Limited template customization
No multilingual support
Discrepancy in transcription accuracy
Dependence on ATS systems for sharing
Limited integrations with third-party platforms
No free version available


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How does Hireguide use AI to improve the quality of hire?
How does Hireguide ensure a consistent candidate experience?
Can Hireguide sync with applicant tracking systems?
Why is Hireguide advertising streamlined interview processes?
How can Hireguide help reduce time to hire?
What does Hireguide offer for ensuring effective and equitable interviews?
Who are the typical users of Hireguide?
Does Hireguide offer any training tools for the hiring team?
How does Hireguide promote a collaborative workflow for teams?
What is the function of the interview recording feature on Hireguide?
Can Hireguide's platform generate recommended skills and interview questions based on the position being hired for?
What type of companies utilize Hireguide?
Does Hireguide offer any tools for screening for skills during the interview process?
How does AI assist in the sharing and organizational aspect of interview processes on Hireguide?

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