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Efficient candidate evaluation for recruitment.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that acts as an interviewer, conducting live and conversational interviews. It offers real-time evaluations to effectively identify top-performing candidates, eliminating the need for manual screening and enhancing the recruitment process.

The tool provides automated interviews that mimic human interaction, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both interviewers and candidates.

One of the key features of is its ability to deliver detailed candidate scoring. It offers insightful and objective scores for every interviewee, aiding in precise decision-making for recruiters.

The tool provides actionable insights based on these scores, which further enhances the decision-making process. is highly flexible and adaptive, catering to any role across the globe.

It allows users to input any job description and conducts precise interviews tailored to the specified role. This tailored approach includes role-specific interviewing, tailored evaluation metrics, and questions customized based on the job requirements.

Additionally, has recently introduced live coding interviews, enabling candidates to showcase their technical skills in real-time during the interview process.

It supports various programming languages such as Java, Go, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, and C# (.Net). To get started with, users can take advantage of a free 2-week trial, with no credit card required.

The tool offers different pricing plans based on the number of interviews required per month, starting from Basic to Pro and Enterprise plans. Detailed FAQs are available to address common inquiries about the tool, including its functionality, interview conduct, evaluation methods, technical interview capabilities, support options, adaptability to different job descriptions, and demo availability.


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