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Crafting questions & cases for job interviews.
GPT welcome message: Welcome, let's create interview questions and cases.
Sample prompts:
Upload your vacancy for questions and case studies.
Give me a link and I will check the vacancy and make questions.
What are 5 common interview questions?
Upload the cover letter and CV for questions.
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Interview Assistant is a GPT developed by As the name suggests, this tool is designed to assist individuals or organizations in creating questions and case studies for job interviews.

Users have the opportunity to upload a job vacancy or even paste a link to the job posting, and the Interview Assistant will generate relevant interview questions and case studies based on the specifics of that job description.

The GPT can provide a list of common interview questions for quick reference, and it also has a feature where users can upload a cover letter and CV for the sake of generating more personalized and specific interview questions.

Essentially, Interview Assistant aims to streamline and optimize the interview preparation process by providing tailored interview material for each job role.

This tool is nested on top of ChatGPT, therefore, a ChatGPT Plus subscription might be required to harnes the power of Interview Assistant.


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Interview Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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