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ByAmandeep Saluja
Tailoring interview answers from company info.
GPT welcome message: Share the company link and job description for tailored interview answers.
Sample prompts:
I've sent a link to the company site and job description. Can you help with 'Why this firm?'
How should I answer 'Why are you interested in our company?' based on this job listing?
Based on this company's values, what's a good response for 'Why this firm?'
Help me align my skills with this job description for 'Why are you interested?'
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Interview Ace is a GPT that provides specialized assistance in preparing for job interviews. It leverages the capabilities of advanced AI analysis to scrutinize company webpages and job descriptions.

This analysis allows it to suggest bespoke answers for common interview questions such as 'Why this firm?' and 'Why are you interested in our company?'.

To make use of Interview Ace, users need to provide it with the links to the Job Description and the Company's 'About Us' and/or careers webpages from where it gathers necessary insight to create appropriate responses.

The responses formulated by Interview Ace are designed to align with the specific values, objectives and requirements of the company, thereby positioning users favorably during the interview process.

The GPT further assists in aligning a user's skills with the needs outlined in a specific job description. Moreover, Interview Ace requires an operational ChatGPT Plus subscription to function effectively.

Overall, Interview Ace is a practical tool for job applicants seeking to deepen their ability to connect with potential employers by providing tailored responses during interviews.


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Interview Ace was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2023.
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