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ByJiong Zhang
AI interview coach, conducts mock interviews with feedback.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to DeepInterviewer, your AI interview coach. Ready for a mock interview?
Sample prompts:
Start a mock interview for a machine learning role.
Guide me through LLM interview preparation.
What system design questions can I expect for AI engineering?
Provide feedback on my response to a technical question.
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DeepInterviewer is a specialized GPT that functions as an AI interview coach. It is designed to conduct mock interviews and provide corresponding feedback to users.

The main objective of DeepInterviewer is to simulate the interview experience for individuals in different fields and roles, providing them with an opportunity to practice and improve their interview skills in a comfortable and private setting.

DeepInterviewer is especially proficient in handling specialized situations such as interview preparation for machine learning roles, LLM (Master of Laws) interviews, and even AI engineering roles.

It generates potential system design questions that might be asked in AI engineering interviews and can provide user-specific feedback on responses to technical questions.

DeepInterviewer helps users gain more self-confidence and be better prepared, thereby increasing their chances of performing well in future interviews.


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DeepInterviewer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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