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Personalized coaching for job interview prep.
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Canopy is an AI tool designed specifically for the recruiting industry, offering ultrarealistic interviews. It provides a platform for users to practice interview skills in a realistic and immersive environment.

Canopy AIBuilt utilizes the expertise of successful applicants in various industries, such as law, investment banking, and quantitative finance, to ensure its authenticity and effectiveness.The tool is geared towards preparing individuals for job-specific interviews, tailoring questions and style to suit the role.

This customization aims to provide a more accurate simulation of real-life interview scenarios.After each interview, Canopy offers super-personalised feedback with the assistance of an AI coach.

This feedback is designed to help users identify areas for improvement and enhance their interview performance. By offering valuable insights and frameworks, the tool aims to assist individuals in refining their interviewing skills.Canopy is currently in private beta, and interested users can sign up to join the waitlist.

The tool emphasizes privacy and security through its privacy policy, ensuring user data is protected.Overall, Canopy aims to provide a realistic and effective platform for improving interview skills.

It offers tailored job-specific questions, ultrarealistic simulations, personalized feedback, and the expertise of successful applicants to enhance users' performance in the recruiting industry.


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Canopy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 18th 2023.
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