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Do mock interviews with AI for job preparation.
Generated by ChatGPT provides a practice platform specifically designed for job seekers aspiring to improve their interview skills using AI technology.

The tool offers an opportunity to experience real-world interview questions and scenarios, tailored to various job roles including but not limited to software engineering, product management, data science, business analysis, customer service, and marketing.

Users can engage in mock interviews simulating potential job interview settings, which can be conveniently started for free. To make the experience more personalized, the tool allows individuals to input job descriptions and subsequently generates realistic interview questions relevant to that particular role.

Interviewees are then able to record their responses with either a microphone or through text, creating flexibility for different user preferences. Also, the tool offers instant AI feedback on these responses, supplying an enhanced sample response for further improvement. aims to prepare users for a variety of professional interviews, helping to refine their answers and facilitating a better understanding of the requirements for different positions.


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Feb 16, 2024
This is the best mock interview tool ever!!! Helped me improve my interview skills a lot by telling me exactly what I was doing wrong. 10/10

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Pros and Cons


Tailored interview questions
Simulates job interviews
Covers multiple job roles
Allows audio or text responses
Generates role-specific questions
Improved sample response
Free starting option
Personalized learning
Simulates real-world scenarios
Helps refine answers
Convenient platform use
Career development aid
Personalized job interview preparation
Convenient access to platform
Wide range of job roles
Interview practice across professions
Microphone recording capability
Text based interaction
Translates job descriptions
Improves job readiness
Business analysis prep


Limited to specific job roles
No human feedback option
No video recording feature
No integrations with job platforms
No language learning support
Text-based answers may lack context
Instant feedback may not be comprehensive
No multitasking feature
No real-time mock interviews
Free version limitations unknown


What is
How does work?
What job roles does cover?
Are's services free?
How can I start a mock interview on
How personalised is the interview experience on
Can generate interview questions based on a specific job description?
What are the methods to record responses on
What kind of feedback does provide?
Can I use for any type of professional interview?
How does help in improving my interview skills?
Is there a text-based interaction option in
Can I practice real-world scenarios using
How can refine my answers for job interviews?
Does provide sample responses for improvement?
What is the range of job roles covered in mock interviews by
How do I input my job description on
What is the immediate feedback feature in
Can I practice interviews for customer service roles on
Can be used for career developments and skills improvement?

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