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ByTengda Shi
A professional aid for job interview preparation.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Ready to sharpen your interview skills?
Sample prompts:
How would you describe your leadership style?
What challenges did you face in your last role?
Tell me about a time you overcame a difficult situation at work.
How do your skills align with this job's requirements?
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Interview Coach is a GPT designed to facilitate a simulated interview environment for job applicants. Propelled by advanced machine learning capabilities, it seeks to help users enhance their interview preparedness and responses.

Users engage with the GPT in a conversational manner, offering a platform to express their thought processes and refine their responses to typical interview questions.

The GPT begins with a welcome message, 'Welcome! Ready to sharpen your interview skills?', setting the stage for a personalized interview coaching session.

It then proceeds to initiate dialogue by offering prompt starters, such as 'How would you describe your leadership style?' and 'What challenges did you face in your last role?'.

Through this interaction, it assists users in framing their responses under the guidance of an AI, which seeks to provide feedback and advice based on their inputs.

Interview Coach, thus, contributes to the full cycle of interview preparation, offering a valuable tool for self-improvement.


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Interview Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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