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Ace residency interviews with AI.
GPT welcome message: Hello, what's your name and the specialty of your interview?
Sample prompts:
What's your name and specialty?
Tell me about a clinical experience you had.
How do you handle stress?
Why did you choose your specialty?
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RIC: Residency Interview Coach is a GPT aimed specifically at assisting medical graduates in their preparations for residency interviews. Developed by doctormx, this particular GPT leverages AI technology to provide interactive and personalized interview coaching.

The GPT seeks to ascertain users' names and their specialty areas as a means to customize the coaching experience more effectively. It prompts users with various questions typical to the field, such as sharing notable clinical experiences or explaining their chosen specialty, in order to help them articulate their qualifications, capabilities, and interests in a compelling and professional manner.

The RIC GPT also provides a framework for users to discuss their methods of stress management, an important aspect of the high-pressure medical environment.

Additionally, it operates on the ChatGPT platform, requiring a ChatGPT Plus subscription. To get started, users can simply sign up and commence the onboarding process, where the GPT opens dialogue with the user to initiate the interview preparation.

The GPT's core purpose is to prepare medical graduates effectively for their residency interviews, helping them hone their responses, instilling confidence, and providing a safe space for practice before the actual interview.


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RIC: Residency Interview Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 4th 2024.
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