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Sharpen your interview skills for a competitive edge.
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Sample prompts:
What kind of questions shall I prepare in this interview?
What are the top 5 industries with big potentials for next 10 years?
Compare the below two offers with background information provided...
Which offer below will show a bigger chance of success in the future?
How can I prepare if I'm being interviewed for this job?
Could you mock the interview with length of 45 minutes for this position I will provide with?
How's the chance of offer based on my behavior description in this interview?
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Interview Strategist is a GPT developed to enhance candidates' competitiveness in the job market by equipping them with crucial interview preparation skills.

This tool cuts through the challenges of interview preparation by offering a personalized practice experience. It invigorates users to treat their interviews seriously in a relaxed, web-based setting.

Users can probe this tool for a wide range of inquiries, such as preparing pertinent questions for an upcoming interview or understanding the viability and future success possibilities of different job offers.

Additionally, this GPT facilitates the process of preparing for a specific job interview, even mimicking a comprehensive 45-minute interview for a defined position.

This objective analysis and tailored practice aim at preparing users for all possible job interview situations, thereby increasing their chances of passing the interview successfully.


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Interview Strategist was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2024.
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