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ByStephan Büttig
Providing detailed feedback and shaping narratives.
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Simulate an interview on sustainable business practices.
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How can I improve my storytelling in interviews?
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Ultimate Interview Coach is a GPT developed by Stephan Bttig. It serves as a media interview trainer, specializing in providing detailed feedback and helping users shape narratives.

The central focus of this tool is media interview training. It guides users on how to answer interview questions proficiently, representing their ideas coherently and effectively.

The GPT encourages the growth of storytelling abilities in interview settings, identifying areas of improvements and suggests better ways to present information or answer potential questions.

It also offers a feature of simulating interviews on various topics, such as sustainable business practices, giving users an opportunity for hands-on learning experience.

The extraction of valuable insights from these conducted simulations may in turn enhance interview performance. Ultimate Interview Coach requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to fully utilize its capabilities.


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Ultimate Interview Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 17th 2023.
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