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Helping people ace interviews and land their dream job with tailored interview preparation
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Applicado is an AI-powered platform designed to effectively prepare job-seekers for interviews. Its primary features include tailored mock interviews, which can be accessed and performed unlimitedly at any time.

The platform aims to eliminate the need for scheduling meetings, hence offering convenience to its users. The questions presented during these mock interviews are specifically tailored according to the jobs users are applying for and their respective professional journey, providing a highly personalized preparation experience.

Furthermore, Applicado offers real-time questions and answers and the ability to record responses, providing users with a realistic interview experience to build confidence.

Immediate, comprehensive feedback is provided to enable continuous improvement. In addition, users have the option to review their recorded responses, analyze speaking styles through transcript reviews, and receive suggestions on response formulation.

Applicado also provides actionable advice to help refine user's answers. The AI platform offers a practical solution for job-seekers to master essential interview skills, impress potential employers, and ultimately secure their dream job.


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Applicado was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Unlimited mock interviews
Real-time questions and answers
Ability to record responses
Immediate comprehensive feedback
Option to review recorded responses
Transcript reviews for speech analysis
Tailored questions
Realistic interview experience
Actionable advice
Helps build interview confidence
Ability to practice anytime
Aids in professional development
Personalized training
Suitable for diverse job types
Useful in refining answers
Efficient career coaching
Saves scheduling time
Actionable feedback
Boosts earning potential
Enhances job search efficiency


Limited to interview preparation
No human coaching
No mobile app
No offline functionality
No group mock interviews
No support for non-job interviews
Limited profession-wise customization
Payment required for access


What is Applicado?
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Does Applicado provide feedback after the mock interview?
What kind of analysis can I do on my responses in Applicado?
How does Applicado help improve my interview responses?
How does Applicado help build confidence in job seekers?
Is there a limit to the number of mock interviews I can take on Applicado?
Can Applicado help me land my dream job?
How does Applicado aid in professional development?
What is Applicado's approach to speech analysis?
What type of career advice does Applicado offer?
Are there any pricing plans for using Applicado?
Who can use Applicado's services?
How does Applicado's AI technology work?
How can Applicado help me improve my interview skills?
What companies have Applicado's user's been successful with?

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