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Elevate Your Interview Skills with AI-Powered Mock Interviews.
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Talktohire is an AI-powered tool designed to help individuals enhance their job interview skills through realistic mock interviews. The application is equipped with a built-in AI interview coach that provides users with in-depth practice and insights aimed at mastering different interview scenarios.

Features of Talktohire include interactive practice simulations, personalized feedback, expert interview insights, and unlimited practice sessions. Further, the platform covers a wide range of interview topics tailored to various job roles and industries.

With instant AI feedback and Q&A training, users can gain expert insight into over 100 interview questions, effectively preparing them for different interview scenarios.

Additional features include behavioral interview coaching and company-specific insights to provide users with useful information about potential employers' interview processes and work culture.

An included mobile platform allows users to conveniently learn on the go. Talktohire also offers access to exclusive coding courses and a private Discord community dedicated to interview preparation.

Although currently available in English, multilingual support is expected in the future.


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Talktohire was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Realistic mock interviews
In-depth interview practice
Insights for mastering interviews
Interactive practice simulations
Personalized feedback
Expert interview insights
Unlimited practice sessions
Wide range of interview topics
Tailored for various job roles
Q&A training for interviews
Covers over 100 interview questions
Behavioral interview coaching
Company-specific insights for interviews
Includes mobile platform
Access to exclusive coding courses
Private Discord community
Scalable and affordable pricing
Flexible cancellation policy
Upcoming multilingual support
Access from web browser
No software downloads needed
Secured data storage
24/7 customer support
Practices for specific job roles
Plans for mobile app development
Free trial available
Instant feedback on mock interviews
Discounts on 30dayscoding courses


No mobile app
Limited language support
No live support
No offline mode
Only accessible online
Uses camera and microphone
Free version limits unclear
Confusing pricing system
No downloadable preparation materials
Requires onboarding

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