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Interview Prep Now is an AI-powered tool designed to help users prepare for job interviews. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of resources and features to streamline the preparation process.

These include: interview practice with the STAR Method, preparation for behavioral questions, video response practice, and various articles to guide users.

AI-assisted functions include enhancing resumes and cover letters, generating job-specific keywords, and crafting LinkedIn headlines and Twitter bios.

Users can access interview questions categorized by behavior, and practice responding using the STAR Format (Situation / Task, Actions, Results). Furthermore, the platform provides a built-in Job and Interview Tracker to manage and keep track of positions applied for and upcoming interviews.

Users can also review real-life interview experiences for numerous companies and roles, and refer to salary ranges at various companies to understand compensation expectations.

The platform also offers job postings from different companies. It is also in constant development with the company welcoming feedback.


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Pros and Cons


STAR Method practice
Behavioral questions preparation
Video response practice
Career guidance articles
Resume and cover letter enhancement
Job-specific keywords generation
LinkedIn headlines crafting
Twitter bio creation
Job and Interview Tracker
Access to categorized interview questions
Real-life interview experiences review
Salary ranges reference by companies
Available job postings
Constant development
Feedback welcomed
Interview questions by behavior
Data-driven interview preparation
Practice responding in STAR Format
Job application tracking
Upcoming interviews management
Company and role-specific experiences
Compensation expectations guidance
Comprehensive resources and features
Inbuilt Job Tracker
Interview and job data handling
Access to real-life experiences
Salary range for expectancy education
Collates job postings
Real-time tool enhancement
User feedback integration
Company-specific interview insight
Role-specific interview insight
Free signup
Ease of use
Comprehensive interview question bank
Video interview practice
Automated article generation
Categorized question access
Data-driven decision practice
Expert Career guidance
Versatile career tool
Detailed company reviews
Projected salaries for roles
Company reputation snapshot
Wide range of job postings
Rich interview review information


No mobile application
Requires constant internet connection
Job postings may lag
Lack of industry specificity
Limited salary data
No offline resources
No multi-language support
STAR Method only
Real-life experiences bias
Possible data privacy concerns


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