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Practice interviews with AI feedback.
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Whisper is a unique AI-based application that is primarily designed to assist individuals who are preparing for interviews. The tool's central function is to present users with a series of interview-style questions, which they can answer as if in a real interview scenario.

Moreover, Whisper incorporates AI technology to provide users with useful feedback, helping them identify any possible areas of improvement in their interview techniques.

This interactive process facilitates continual learning and improvement, better preparing the users to face different types of interview situations. It should be noted that JavaScript needs to be enabled for the smooth running of this application.

Despite the app's focus on interview preparation, it indirectly stimulates communicative and cognitive abilities, making it versatile and useful beyond its primary function.

It stands as an innovative blend of AI technology and interactive learning, assisting individuals in levelling up their interview skills.


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May 16, 2024
This app is an absolute beast when it comes to interview prep. I passed my first round thanks to Wyspa.

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Pros and Cons


Interactive Learning
Improves Communication Skills
Enhances Cognitive Abilities
Facilitates Professional Development
Enhances Interview Techniques
Aids Career Advancement
Versatile beyond primary function
Provides useful feedback
Continual learning and improvement
Prepares for diverse interview situations
Requires JavaScript
Stimulates indirect learning
Innovative blend of techniques
Useful for interview preparation
Presents interview-style questions


Requires JavaScript
Limited to interview preparation
Lacks sector-specific questions
Not beneficial for non-jobseekers
No multi-language support
No offline functionality
No instant feedback


What is Wyspa Whisper?
What is the primary function of Wyspa Whisper?
How does Wyspa Whisper assist in interview preparation?
What kind of feedback does Wyspa Whisper provide?
What is the role of AI technology in Wyspa Whisper?
Does Wyspa Whisper need any specific software requirements?
Why is JavaScript necessary to run Wyspa Whisper?
Does Wyspa Whisper help in developing communication and cognitive skills?
How can Wyspa Whisper help with professional development?
What sets Wyspa Whisper apart from other interview preparation tools?
How does Wyspa Whisper stimulate continual learning?
Can Wyspa Whisper be used beyond interview preparations?
What kind of interview scenarios can one prepare for with Wyspa Whisper?
How does Wyspa Whisper help to identify areas of improvement in interview techniques?
Does Wyspa Whisper provide real-time feedback?
How user-friendly is Wyspa Whisper?
Does Wyspa Whisper cater to various types of interviews?
How is interactive learning implemented in Wyspa Whisper?
How often should one use Wyspa Whisper for effective results?
What is the technology behind the AI feedback provided by Wyspa Whisper?

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