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AI-powered career development platform built by career experts.
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COACH, developed by CareerVillage, is an AI-enabled career coaching tool aimed to facilitate career readiness for a wide user base, ranging from students to job-seekers.

The tool's purpose is to assist users in various aspects of the career exploration and planning process. This includes guidance on identifying career paths, understanding the skills required for these careers and insights on how AI factor into these careers.COACH provides high-quality resources to help individuals develop needed technical and soft skills.

It can guide users towards college or alternative education options that align with their career goals and personal preferences. Further, it helps users relate their school subjects to different careers, answering potential questions about the relevance of their academic studies to future career paths.

With a focus on job preparation, COACH provides resources to help users craft cover letters and resumes, map their networks of support, and prepare for job interviews.

COACH is also presented as a career development platform for students, job seekers, and career shifters, offering actionable guidance for every career stage and effective career readiness measures for those in the education sector.

The tool's data-driven approach allows it to provide personalized, adaptive career readiness support, thereby facilitating improved decision-making for learners.

Beyond career exploration and readiness, COACH also serves as a resource for educators and career counselors, enabling them to gain insights about learners' career readiness and extend their guidance to reach more learners.


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Jul 15, 2024
I'm new in using AI tools, but i found Coach quite helpful! It follows you step by step both analyzing your situation and finding resources... thanks!

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Pros and Cons


Free to use
WCAG 2.2 AA compliant
Chats in dozens of languages
Strong data security measures
Built by coalition of career organizations
Info on every career
Personalized guidance
Skill-building focus
Clean, accessible user interface
Built on multiple LLMs
Dozens of career development activities


No offline accessibility
Lacks emotive understanding
Over-reliance on data
May not detect subtleties
No interpersonal interaction
Chatbot, not human guidance
Not multimodal
Not plugged into live job boards


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How does COACH assist educators and career counsellors?
What kind of high-quality resources does COACH provide?
Can COACH guide me towards college or alternative education options?
How does COACH help me relate my studies to future career paths?
Can COACH assist in job preparation?
Who benefits from using COACH?
What's the approach of COACH towards career exploration and readiness?
How much does it cost to use COACH?
How does COACH personalize the career readiness process?
What makes COACH different from other career coaching tools?
How does COACH obtain its career information?
Does COACH offer career readiness activities?

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