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Interviews Chat is an AI tool designed for comprehensive job interview preparation and assistance. It consists of two main features: 'Interviews Live Copilot' which offers live, real-time suggestions during the interview process, and 'Interviews Prep' for in-depth pre-interview preparation.

The Live Copilot utilizes AI technology to listen to the interview conversation, providing on-the-spot guidance and suggestions to help you respond optimally.

It also has the capability to assist with task-oriented challenges such as coding or whiteboard tasks. The Interviews Prep feature offers personalized interview questions based on job applications and provides a safe environment for realistic practice.

It comes with a video interface for the user to record responses, which are then transcribed and evaluated by the AI. The system provides feedback, assessing the relevance, clarity, and confidence of the users answer to help identify areas for improvement.

Notably, this feature also supports multilingualism. The tool assures data security as it does not store recorded videos or share data with third parties.

The tool is browser-based and interacts with common video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, however, the Live Copilot feature is not yet mobile-friendly.

Its goal is to help users improve their interview skills, make lasting impressions, and ultimately achieve success in the job market.


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Interviews Chat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Live interview coaching
Real-time feedback
Coding challenge assistance
Whiteboard task guidance
In-depth pre-interview prep
Personalized interview practice questions
Video interface for realistic practice
Relevance, clarity, confidence assessment
Multilingual support
Assured data security
Supports common video conferencing platforms
Browser-based tool
Job application analysis for questions
Transcription of recorded answers
Score-based feedback for improvements
Supports real-world practice sessions
Ability to paste resume and job description
Text and voice-based assistance
Highly interactive software
Real-time transcription during interview
Immediate solution suggestion for tasks
Preparation for unexpected interview questions
Feedback on different interview aspects
Can be used with free credits
Real-time suggestion during interview
Visual interface for task assessment
Not sharing user data with third parties


Live Copilot not mobile-friendly
Requires browser for conferencing apps
Reliant on video interface
Subscription credits expire
No refunds for credits


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