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Voice operated Interview Companion
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Milio is an artificial intelligence-driven tool designed to assist users in preparing for interviews. This voice-operated tool covers a wide range of question types, from technical queries often appearing in LeetCode problems, to more behavioral and situational inquiries.

Using its AI capabilities, Milio aims to stay ahead of emerging trends and changes in interview processes, ensuring the information provided to its users is always relevant and up-to-date.

To function, Milio requires a microphone to listen to the user's questions and responses in real-time. It then provides insights and corrections on the user's answer to improve their interview performance.

Milio is designed to be a versatile interview companion, helping users confidently address complex technical and behavioral questions alike. It can serve as a useful resource for job seekers looking to enhance their interviewing skills in a convenient and efficient manner.

Please note that usage of all Milio features is subject to a monthly subscription.


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Milio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time feedback
Covers technical interviews
Covers behavioral interviews
Covers situational interviews
Handles LeetCode problems
Adapts to emerging trends
Provides corrections on answers
Enhances interview performance
Subscription based
Microphone required
24/7 accessibility
Can simulate real interviews
Updated interview trends
User-friendly interface
Efficient interview preparation
Personalized coaching and feedback
Multifaceted interview preparation
Comprehensive question coverage
Helps with interview confidence
Practical training tool
Convenient HR tech


Requires microphone
Monthly subscription
No tiered pricing options
May miss non-verbal cues
Limited to English
Possibly slow reaction time
Might struggle with accents
Background noise sensitivity
Unavailable offline
Lacks human authenticity


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What are the benefits of using Milio for job seekers?
Is there a monthly subscription for Milio, and what does it cover?
Can Milio handle traditional interview questions and LeetCode problems equally?
How does Milio help to improve interview performance?
How is Milio a useful resource for enhancing interviewing skills?
How versatile is Milio as an interview companion?
How does Milio adapt to include new types of questions or emerging trends?
Does Milio give answers on my screen?
Can Milio help resolve conflicts within a project team?
Does Milio help maintain professional skillsets up-to-date?
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Can Milio help in understanding concurrency in ReactJS?

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