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Improve your career, resume, and interviews with Ribbon.
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Ribbon is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline job searching and application processes. The platform comprises of several functionalities designed to enhance users' chances of landing their dream job.

One of its key features, Resume+, helps users enhance their resume by providing personalized, actionable feedback. It focuses on areas such as language clarity, keyword usage, professionalism of tone and spelling and syntax accuracy, with the aim of making the resume more attractive to hiring teams.

Another feature, Interview+, gives users the chance to practice answering job-specific questions and provides instant feedback, which is tailored to improve their interview performance.

A further asset of Ribbon is Jobs Copilot, a tool designed to organize job searches from anywhere and offer personalized job recommendations. Ribbon also offers video intros as a way for job seekers to introduce themselves and showcase their personalities.

This tool has a browser extension that users can apply on their favourite job boards to make their search more organized and efficient. Combined, these features create a comprehensive toolkit for modern job seekers, aiding them through each step of their career journey.


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Ribbon Cool was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines job search
Resume enhancing feature
Personalized feedback
Highlights keyword usage
Improves language clarity
Focuses on professionalism
Enhances spelling and syntax
Interview practice tool
Tailored interview feedback
Job-specific question practice
Jobs Copilot for organization
Anywhere job searching
Provides personalized job recommendations
Video intros feature
Browser extension available
Organizes job search
User-friendly interface
Supports multiple job boards
Tool for modern job seekers
Aids career advancement
Interview coaching
Highly recommended by users
Features for students
Comprehensive career toolkit
Compatible with popular platforms


No offline functionality
Lack of mobile app
Limited customization of feedback
No multi-language support
Limited integration with job boards
Dependent on browser extension
No data exporting options
Requires constant internet connection
No collaboration features
No spell check in non-Resume features


What is Ribbon?
How does Ribbon streamline my job search?
What is Resume+ feature of Ribbon and how does it enhance my resume?
What areas does Resume+ focus on while providing feedback on my resume?
What is Interview+ in Ribbon and how does it help with interview preparation?
How can Jobs Copilot from Ribbon make my job search more organized?
How does Ribbon provide personalized job recommendations?
How does the Ribbon browser extension work?
How can Ribbon video intros help me as a job seeker?
Does Ribbon offer any career advancement tools?
How does Ribbon use AI in job assistance?
How can Ribbon enhance my resume?
How does Ribbon help with interview practice?
What kind of jobs does Ribbon recommend?
Can I use Ribbon to practice answering job-specific questions?
How does Ribbon personalize feedback for job seekers?
What more does Ribbon Pro offer?
How does Ribbon integrate with my favourite job boards?
Can Ribbon help me improve language clarity in my resume?
How can Ribbon enhance professionalism in my resume?

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