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Massive is an AI-driven recruitment tool that helps job seekers to find and apply for the most relevant job opportunities at the most exciting companies in the world.

Using this tool, candidates can set their preferences and complete their profiles, which allows the system to find and match them with job openings that fit their skills and interests.

The most exciting feature of Massive is its Auto Apply function, which streamlines the application process by automatically submitting applications on behalf of the candidates to suitable job openings.

Massive saves users time and effort by providing personalized recommendations and opportunities directly to their inbox, greatly increasing the chances of landing an interview.

Candidates can even try the platform for free and experience the benefits of the Auto Apply feature before committing to a paid subscription. Massive aims to revolutionize the recruitment industry by leveraging AI and machine learning to help match candidates with their dream jobs while providing companies with top-quality talent sourced from a global pool of qualified candidates.


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Sep 4, 2023
So unlike Thomas, $40 isn't a lot of money to me, so I used it for a month. They actually apply you to 20 jobs during the trial. The service works, based on the confirmation emails that I received but my main issue is that some of the job are old, like 7-8 months old and have likely been filled and just never taken down by HR. Lots of filter to narrow down what you're looking for but they need one for posting date to make this a better tool.
Aug 29, 2023
$39/month once you get through the intro selecting skills and traits of a company you want your next employer to have. Save yourself the time. Otherwise seems cool but lacking a job, I am not forking that out for something no 7 day trail will prove that's worth a day of eating a month for.

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Pros and Cons


Auto Apply function
Personalized job recommendations
Time-saving process
Global pool of opportunities
User preference settings
Job match based on skills
Increased interview chances
Free trial available
Profile completion feature
Hyper-relevant role suggestions
Quality talent sourcing
Industry-revolutionizing strategies
Auto submissions to openings
User-friendly interface
Applications to world's top jobs
Can try before subscription
Massive user support
Directly delivers opportunities via email


Requires JavaScript
Limited to global candidates
Risk of unintentional applications
Paid subscription for full benefits
Only uses candidate profile information
Doesn't support manual job applications
Limited personalization options
Doesn't provide job details upfront
No API for integration
Potential privacy issues


What is Massive?
How does the Auto Apply feature of Massive work?
What kind of job opportunities does Massive cater to?
How does Massive use AI and machine learning in the job search process?
How can I set my preferences on Massive?
How can I complete my profile on Massive?
What do I need to do to use the Auto Apply feature?
What are the benefits of using Massive's Auto Apply feature?
Can I try Massive for free?
What happens after I set my preferences and complete my profile on Massive?
How does Massive increase my chances of landing an interview?
Does Massive send job opportunities to my inbox?
What is the commitment for a paid subscription?
How does Massive aim to revolutionize the recruitment industry?
What type of candidates does Massive source for companies?
Is Massive geared towards any particular industry or role?
How does Massive ensure the roles are hyper-relevant to my profile?
How can I sign up for Massive?
What does 'Auto Apply to the World’s Best Jobs' mean?
How does Massive find and apply to top jobs on my behalf?

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