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Find the perfect AI/ML jobs and relevant courses based on your resume.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool designed to match individuals with AI or Machine Learning (ML) job opportunities based on the information provided in their resumes.

The tool not only identifies potential job roles the user may be qualified for, such as AI Engineer, ML Engineer, Data Scientist, and various lead and senior positions, but also recommends relevant courses to help the user further upgrade their skills and increase their job market competitiveness.

This process focuses on synchronizing personal career aspirations with the demands of the job market. The tool features an interactive chatbot that guides the user through the application, offering job selections and providing helpful pointers towards their desired careers.

Please note that using this application implies agreement to its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Users are encouraged to provide feedback via email to help improve the platform's overall user experience.


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Pros and Cons


Resume based job matching
Career guidance
Skill development
Interactive chatbot
Personalized job search
Job market alignment
Recommends skill-upgrade courses
User feedback system
Education & Training
Career advancement
On Demand Experts
Resize analysis
Wide variety of job roles
Privacy policy and terms upfront
Email support


Limited job categories
Privacy concerns
Unclear algorithm accuracy
Over-reliance on chatbot
Deals primarily with resumes
Limited course recommendations
No real-time user support
Requires JavaScript
Feedback only via email
Potentially narrow market focus


What kind of AI/ML job opportunities does suggest?
How does analyze my resume?
What job positions can recommend based on my resume?
Can suggest relevant courses for my career growth?
Does sync personal career aspirations with job market demands?
How does the interactive chatbot on assist me?
What are the terms of use and privacy policy for
Does offer a feedback mechanism for users?
How can improve my job market competitiveness?
What is the role of AI-Matchmaking feature in
What kind of career guidance does offer?
Does specialize in data science job recommendations?
How can assist in skill development?
What personalization features does offer in job search?
How does help with career advancement?
Can I find lead and senior position job recommendations on
How does select which jobs to present to me?
How can I provide my feedback to
Does the functionality of rely on JavaScript?
Can assist me in becoming ready for my preferred job?

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