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ByChristophe Duhamel
Helping you find your ideal job!
GPT welcome message: Bonjour ! Comment puis-je t'aider à trouver ton emploi idéal ?
Sample prompts:
Quels sont tes intérêts professionnels ?
Quelles sont tes compétences clés ?
Quel est ton environnement de travail idéal ?
As-tu des exemples de carrières qui t'intéressent ?
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Capitaine Mtier is a GPT that aids in finding user's ideal job. It is an interactive tool designed with the purpose of assisting individuals in their professional journey by identifying their ideal career paths based on their preferences, skills, and professional interests.

Created by Christophe Duhamel, the GPT harnesses the power of AI to provide personalized recommendations on viable job prospects. Upon interaction, Capitaine Metier usually starts with a welcome message and further engages the users with a series of prompt starters, carefully crafted to discern the user's key competencies, preferred work environment, professional interests, and prospective careers the user might be interested in.

The results generated by this tool are highly reliant on the user's input and its function to give specific and narrowed possible job expectations helps the user in making informed career decisions.

A notable feature of Capitaine Mtier is its requirement of the ChatGPT Plus to operate, this ensures an in-depth assistance in the job search process.

Conclusively, the primary function of the Capitaine Mtier GPT is to facilitate the exploration of career opportunities based on a user's defined parameters thus making it a potentially useful instrument for job seekers or individuals looking to switch their careers.


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