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Ideal careers discovered via personality traits.
Generated by ChatGPT

The Career Test is an AI-based tool that provides users with detailed insights into their personality traits and strengths to discover their ideal career paths.

It is said to be a proven competency test, tested by 20,000 people, and utilizes the Swiss method along with an advanced artificial intelligence model to deliver accurate results.

To take the test, users need to spend approximately 5 minutes answering questions by choosing pictures that help the AI get to know them better. The test then reveals the user's two main abilities and suggests four suitable career paths along with three compatible business ideas.The tool recommends taking the test on a mobile phone as it requires dynamic swiping of images.

After completion, users need to wait for about two minutes for the results, and the AI-generated report highlights the user's strengths and personality traits that suit the recommended career paths.The tool's website includes an About Us and Contact Us section, and users can support the platform via PayPal donations.

Created in 2023 by AiCareer.Tech, this AI tool is copyright-protected, and all rights are reserved. Overall, the Career Test is an AI tool that helps users discover their dream profession by providing personalized career path recommendations based on their personality traits, abilities, and strengths.


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Aug 30, 2023
Sadly it looks like it´s a scam,it wont send your results ever after you finish the test

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Pros and Cons


5 minute test completion
Dynamic image swiping
Detailed personality insights
Reveals two main abilities
Suggests four career paths
Offers three business ideas
Mobile-friendly interface
Quick two-minute result time
Tested by 20,000 people
Utilizes Swiss method
Detailed strength analysis
Website includes support option
Contact accessible via website
Copyright protected
Personalized career path recommendations
Proven competency test
User-friendly image choices


Requires mobile for optimal use
Two minute wait for results
Dependent on subjective picture choices
Donations via PayPal only
Only four career paths suggested
Only three business ideas provided
Doesn't account career experience
Copyrighted, restricted use
No API mentioned
Limited to Swiss methodology


What is the Career Test by AiCareer.Tech?
How does the Career Test use AI to recommend careers?
What is the Swiss method that Career Test uses?
How long does it take to complete the Career Test?
Why does the Career Test ask users to choose pictures?
What will the Career Test reveal about my abilities?
How many career paths and business ideas does the Career Test suggest?
Why is the Career Test best taken on a mobile phone?
How long does it take to receive the results of the Career Test?
What information does the AI-generated report provide?
Can I contact AiCareer.Tech for more information on the Career Test?
How can I support the Career Test platform?
Who created the Career Test tool?
Is the Career Test copyrighted?
What does the Career Test mean by my 'two main powers'?
How accurate is the career path recommendation by the Career Test?
What are some key features of Career Test?
Who are the creators behind AiCareer.Tech?
How do I interpret the images in the test?
Why do I need to 'throw away' unwanted pictures on the Career Test?

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