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Career advisor for resume analysis and feedback.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to analyze your resume against a job description.
Sample prompts:
Submit your resume and job description.
How does my resume compare to this JD?
Can you give me a hiring probability score?
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Career Advisor 4.0 is a GPT that is developed to assist users in the realm of job application by critically analyzing resumes in reference to specific job descriptions.

This sophisticated tool leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to scrutinize your resume, hence equipping job seekers with the ability to refine and calibrate their resumes according to the job descriptions.

The GPT offers prompt starters such as 'Submit your resume and job description.', 'How does my resume compare to this JD?' and 'Can you give me a hiring probability score?'.

These directives enable a comprehensive and relative assessment of the user's resume in contrast to the given job description. The Career Advisor 4.0 GPT works beyond mere analysis by providing actionable feedback and hints on improving the presented resume.

This is a remarkable tool for professionals at any career stage, providing an advanced, AI-led approach to resume improvement and job application assistance.

Registration is required to access this GPT, and it calls for ChatGPT Plus. The tool aims at boosting your chances of landing a job offer by leveraging AI technology to align your resume with the expectations of employers, based on specific job descriptions.


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