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Assess your resume for tailored guidance and improvements.
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Resume Review is a GPT that performs a critical evaluation of your resume against a potential role to provide personalized guidance and possible improvements.

This tool utilizes advanced AI technology to analyze how well your resume aligns with the requirements and expectations of the intended position, thereby delivering valuable insights.

Users can interact with it using prompt starters such as 'how do I use this?'. However, it is important to note that usage of this GPT necessitates an active ChatGPT Plus subscription.

To access the tool, users must sign up for ChatGPT Plus. Post registration, users can begin using the tool to refine their resumes and enhance their job applications by ensuring alignment with the job descriptions.

By providing detailed feedback and tailored recommendations, Resume Review can be an invaluable aid for job seekers looking to improve their applications and increase their chances of securing desired job roles.


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