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ByAustin R Maynes
Enhancing resume reviews with grammar checks and keyword suggestions.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's enhance your resume and unlock your career potential.
Sample prompts:
Search for marketing industry trends and suggest resume keywords
Review this tech resume with SEO optimization for the IT industry
Provide finance industry keyword suggestions for this resume
Analyze this educator's resume with SEO tips based on educational trends
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Resume Builder is a GPT developed by Austin R Maynes. This tool is designed to augment the process of resume creation and improvement. Leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, it provides enhanced resume reviews, basic grammar and spelling checks, and offers recommendations for SEO and keyword usage tailored to specific industries.

Resume Builder uses AI technology to analyze user's resumes in context of their target industries, identifying pertinent trends and keywords that could strengthen the resumes relevance and potential impact.

It can also review a user's resume with a focus on SEO optimization particularly useful for sectors such as Information Technology. Moreover, it is capable of providing keyword suggestions and SEO tips built on industry trends for various industries such as finance and education.

The ultimate aim of the Resume Builder tool is to help users refine and tailor their resumes in ways that can better position them for career success.

True to its welcoming message, Resume Builder exists to 'enhance your resume and unlock your career potential'. As the tool requires ChatGPT Plus, users are expected to have an active subscription to the service.


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