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Optimize your CV for a specific job offer and see how likely you are to be selected.
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LeanCV is a GPT that is designed to enhance the effectiveness of your curriculum vitae (CV) for a specific job offer. The central function of this tool is to help users optimize their CVs in relation to a particular job description, thereby increasing the possibility of being picked for an interview or selected for the job.

To use LeanCV, you simply add your CV and the job offer details into the system. Based on the data provided, the GPT will analyze your CV against the job offer and help fine-tune it for greater alignment with the specific job requirements.

This approach allows for a refined, targeted job application strategy, which can potentially increase your chances of success in the job market. Note that LeanCV requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus for operation.

As LeanCV is powered by ChatGPT, users can expect high-quality suggestions and constructive feedback in refining their CV to match their desired job offers.


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