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ByKeshav Jindal
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ResumeGPT is a sophisticated AI tool developed on the general-purpose transformer (GPT) model, namely, ChatGPT. It utilizes powerful machine learning technologies to provide useful insights into improving users' resumes and enhancing their chances of getting hired.

It is designed to perform an extensive review of the users' resume, offering valuable feedback on content quality, presentation, and potential areas for improvements.

With the primary intent being to assist users in refining their resume, ResumeGPT is capable of responding to a wide array of inquiries such as 'How does my resume look?' or 'How can I make my resume stand out?'.

Its application extends beyond basic review, offering tips on making the resume more professional and compelling to potential employers. Users need to upload their resume to this tool for analysis.

It is important to note that the use of ResumeGPT requires signing up to ChatGPT Plus, an advanced version of the parent application. Overall, ResumeGPT serves as a valuable helper for job seekers, enabling them to improve their professional appeal and increase their chances of securing their desired employment.


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