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Optimiza tu CV y consigue ESE trabajo

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ByRamón Egea Hernansanz
Optimize your CV and get THAT job
GPT welcome message: Hola, ¡estoy aquí para ayudarte a perfeccionar y adaptar tu CV para tu próxima postulación laboral!
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Developed by Ramn Egea Hernansanz, 'Optimiza tu CV y consigue ESE trabajo' is a GPT designed to help improve and tailor your resume for your next job application.

It works in three simple steps: provide it with the role you are interested in applying for, upload your CV, and let it guide you through the enhancement process.

The primary function of this GPT is to offer insightful feedback and practical suggestions to refine and optimize your CV, thereby increasing your chances of securing your desired job.

It adopts an interaction process similar to a chat, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can also get started with provided `prompt starters`.

To use 'Optimiza tu CV y consigue ESE trabajo', a ChatGPT Plus subscription is required, making it accessible for everyone, everywhere. It's worth noting that the initial welcome message and the entire tool interaction is in Spanish, designed specifically to help Spanish-speaking users.

Overall, this GPT aims to serve as a useful resource for job seekers eager to enhance their job application materials in line with specific roles they wish to apply for.


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