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ResumeMaker.Online is an AI-powered tool designed to help users quickly and efficiently build professional resumes. The tool provides rich features such as an AI Writing Assistant to guide users through the resume writing process once a role is input, offering suggestions and helping to simplify and hasten the process.

It features an AI Bullet Point Generator that helps convert job experiences into clear, effective bullet points, keeping the resume easy to read and effective.

There's also an AI Resume Import that enhances old resumes by refining and updating their layout and format. The software is designed to be privacy-friendly by not storing user data, instead saving it locally on the user's device.

Additionally, a free PDF download option is provided, with a premium option available. The tool aims for ease of use and is optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems to increase the likelihood of getting noticed by potential employers.

It also offers multilingual support and requires no signup to use. Furthermore, it comes with a customizable resume template that ensures a professional and visually appealing presentation.


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Jun 24, 2023
Good interface and easy to navigate. Could benefit by allowing users to add custom sections. Charges $10 to download after you've created it.

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Pros and Cons


No sign-up required
ATS optimization
Data privacy prioritized
Local data storage
Multiple language support
Customizable resume templates
Bullet point generator
Free and premium options
1# on Product Hunt
Minimal typing required
Visually appealing presentation
High-speed resume building
Inspirational resume examples
PDF for easy sharing
Ideal for beginners
Enhances old resumes
Simplified resume building process
Helps with professional presentation
Turns hours into minutes
Personalized role input
Suitable for any skill-level
No data stored on site
Option for free PDF download
Optimized for readability
Helps stand out to employers
Accessible from anywhere
Eliminates complex resume builders
Fast and friendly tool
Straightforward navigation
Professionally designed templates
Device-independent local storage
Practical design considerations
Immediate resume creation
Presents resume in minutes
Login not required
Effortless resume crafting
Quick resume building
Free download available
High user review ratings
Job application-friendly format
Layout and format refining
No negligible watermarks
Experiment with split/classic/hybrid


Limited template choices
Resumes stored locally only
Browser cache dependent
Premium version watermark
No versioning capability
No user account/profile
No collaborative features
No export to DOC format
Limited multilingual support


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