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The Free AI Resume Builder is an online tool that utilizes AI and GPT to help users create professional resumes quickly and easily. Users can upload an existing resume or their LinkedIn profile to get started, and select which work experiences to include in each resume.

The tool offers three simple templates, making it effortless to create different versions of a resume for every job. The resumes can be downloaded in both PDF and Word formats.

The AI Resume Builder also offers many additional features, including access to ATS-compliant professional resume templates, AI-generated summaries, achievements, and cover letters, real-time feedback and expert tips with the resume checker, and matching resumes to job descriptions.

Moreover, users can create and export unlimited resumes, thanks to Teal's resume generator tool, which enables them to create multiple versions of their resume with different content included.

There is also an AI Cover Letter Generator, which uses AI to merge a user's resume and a job description to create a cover letter for each job application.

The tool offers career enhancement features, such as the job tracker, resume examples, LinkedIn profile reviewer, work styles, and career hub. Teal's premium features offer unlimited resumes, unlimited job tracking, top five keywords, and limited AI usage for resume achievements, professional summaries, and cover letters.

The free version provides unlimited advanced resume analysis, unlimited resume keyword matching, unlimited AI usage for resume achievements, professional summaries, and cover letters, unlimited keywords, unlimited email templates, and 24/7 email support.


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Teal Resume Builder was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Upload LinkedIn profile
Multi-template resumes
Offers 3 simple templates
PDF and Word downloads
ATS-compliant resume templates
Real-time feedback
Resume checker with expert tips
Match resumes to job descriptions
Unlimited resumes
Has job tracker
Provides resume examples
LinkedIn profile reviewer
Career enhancement tools
Unlimited job tracking
Extract top five keywords
Unlimited advanced resume analysis
Unlimited resume keyword matching
Unlimited email templates
24/7 email support
Unlimited keywords
Analysis feature for resume improvement
Multiple resume versions
Real-time PDF view updating
Resume import capabilities
Guidance for cover letter creation
Supports multiple resume formats
Free resume template access
Import existing resume data
Resume match score feature
Free cover letter builder
No software needed
Import LinkedIn profile directly
Professionally developed resume samples


Limited template options
Charges for premium features
Minimal resume format options
LinkedIn profile as only import option
No ads only for paid version
Cover letter generation not fully automated
Limited real-time feedback for premium users


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Does Teal Resume Builder have an AI Cover Letter Generator?
What career enhancement features are included with Teal Resume Builder?
What are the differences between Teal Resume Builder's free version and premium features?
Can I create and export unlimited resumes with Teal Resume Builder's free version?
What makes Teal Resume Builder's AI tools unique?
Does Teal Resume Builder provide real-time feedback and expert tips on my resume?
Does Teal Resume Builder allow creating different versions of a resume for every job?
How does the job tracker feature in Teal Resume Builder work?
Can Teal Resume Builder's AI create professional summaries and cover letters?
Can I match my resume to job descriptions using Teal Resume Builder?
What templates are available in Teal Resume Builder?
Does Teal Resume Builder have an AI Cover Letter Generator and how does it work?
Can Teal Resume Builder suggest improvements for my LinkedIn profile?
Are the resumes created using Teal Resume Builder ATS-compliant?
Does Teal Resume Builder provide resume examples?

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