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Creating personalized cover letters from resumes and job links.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to the A.I. Cover Letter Generator! Please upload your resume and the job link to get started.
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Upload your resume and job link
Ready for a personalized cover letter?
Share the job description URL
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A.I. Cover Letter Generator is a GPT that specializes in creating custom cover letters, tailored to the details in a provided resume and job link. This tool generates a uniquely personalized cover letter by analyzing the information from the uploaded resume and the position's job description.

The A.I. Cover Letter Generator, designed by Cover Letter Copilot, integrates with ChatGPT Plus. To use this GPT, the user is required to upload their resume and provide a job link.

The user interface is designed to be user-friendly, promoting ease of use. It comes with pre-designed prompt starters like 'Upload your resume and job link,' 'Ready for a personalized cover letter?', 'Share the job description URL' and 'Need a cover letter? Upload here!' to simplify and streamline the cover letter creation process.This tool represents an innovative use of AI, helping professionals save time and energy in drafting cover letters.

By generating well-structured and personalized cover letters, the tool supports users in showcasing their skills and experiences in a way that aligns with the requirements of the targeted job.

This makes it a useful resource for job seekers looking to strengthen their applications and increase their chances of a successful job application.


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