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Generated personalized job application cover letters.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered cover letter generator designed to streamline the job search process. It allows users to quickly generate personalized cover letters in under 10 minutes without needing to learn AI.

The process starts by entering basic job details, including the job title, company name, and job description. Users can then link their LinkedIn profile to customize the cover letter to their work experience.

The cover letter will then be generated and sent to the user’s inbox with an Originality score. The generated document can be edited in Google Docs before submitting the letter with the job application. also provides example cover letters to guide users in their writing process. The free trial provides a limited number of cover letters, and paid plans are available for additional cover letters and personalization features.

With, users can discover the possibilities of AI for their job search without needing to learn AI.


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Pros and Cons


Generates cover letters quickly
Personalizes cover letters
LinkedIn integration
Originality score feature
Editable in Google Docs
Example cover letters provided
Quick cover letter draft
Export to PDF, Word
Offers free trial
Advanced personalization in paid plans
Feedback-friendly tool
Time-efficient in job search


Limited free trial
Relies on LinkedIn data
Editing required post-generation
Limited customizability
Google Docs dependency
No offline mode
Potential for unoriginal content
Subscription model
Limited formats for export


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Can the cover letters generated by be customized to my professional experience?
What is the Originality score provided with the generated cover letter?
How can I edit the cover letters generated by
What formats can I export the generated cover letter in?
Does provide sample cover letters to guide my writing?
Does offer a free trial?
What additional features do the paid plans of offer?
Can I link my LinkedIn profile to
Do I need to revise the cover letters generated by
Are cover letters generated by suitable for all industries?
Do recruiters value cover letters created with AI?
What is the success rate of getting a job with a cover letter generated by
How can I provide feedback about my experience with
Is a part of the early access program?
Can I use even if I'm not very tech-savvy?

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