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Cover letter assistance for job applications.
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CovrLtr is an AI-powered tool that helps individuals write and manage their cover letters for job applications. With CovrLtr, users can generate cover letters quickly and easily, tailored to each specific job role they are applying for.

The tool utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze the role requirements and the user's CV to ensure the cover letter is relevant and impactful.CovrLtr aims to streamline the job application process, allowing users to apply to multiple roles efficiently.

The fast writing time of the tool enables users to create professional cover letters in minutes, eliminating the need for manual drafting.One of the key benefits of CovrLtr is its smart AI technology, which assists users in writing effective and persuasive cover letters.

The tool provides an affordable pricing package, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, users can easily copy and share their cover letters with potential employers.CovrLtr offers multiple applications and can be used anytime, providing flexibility for users.

The tool also offers different packages, including a membership package and a dedicated office package, to cater to various needs.Overall, CovrLtr helps individuals save time and effort in writing compelling cover letters, increasing their chances of securing their desired job opportunities.


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Jan 2, 2024
actually good. I paid $1 for one cover letter to test it then paid $5 for 10 credits. I already got an interview request using a cover letter from this website so I recommend the service.
Aug 24, 2023
This is basically a copy of swiftcover but with extra steps

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Pros and Cons


Generates customized cover letters
Streamlines job application process
Quick cover letter creation
Intelligent content analysis
Affordable pricing packages
Easy copy and sharing
Flexible usage
Multiple package options
Saves time and effort
Enhances job opportunities
Role specific tailoring
Analyze CV and requirements
Efficient multiple role application
Membership package availability
Dedicated office package availability
Easy generation of letters
No credit card required
Enhanced persuasiveness in letters
Friendly price package
Online tool providing flexibility
Overall process acceleration
Possibility for multiple applications
No intensive manual drafting


No offline usage
No multi-language support
Lacks extensive customization
No mobile app
No real-time collaboration
Lacks role-specific templates
No integration with job boards
No CV/Resume assistance
No free version available


What is CovrLtr?
How does CovrLtr work?
What features does CovrLtr offer?
How does CovrLtr use AI technology?
How does CovrLtr tailor cover letters to specific job roles?
How quickly can CovrLtr create a cover letter?
How does CovrLtr help in managing my cover letters?
Does CovrLtr require a subscription or can it be used for one-off cover letters?
What are the pricing packages for CovrLtr?
What is the difference between the membership package and the dedicated office package?
Can I share my cover letters from CovrLtr with potential employers?
What data does CovrLtr require from me to generate a cover letter?
Does CovrLtr offer any security or privacy safeguards for my data?
Can I use CovrLtr anytime?
Can I apply for multiple jobs using CovrLtr?
Does CovrLtr have a limit on the number of cover letters I can generate with one account?
How does CovrLtr analyze my CV and job role requirements?
How does CovrLtr increase my chance of securing job opportunities?
Who can use CovrLtr?
Is there a free trial option for CovrLtr?

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