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ByZachary Chan
Crafting outstanding cover letters with you.
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Hi there! I'm Joan. I hear you needed some help regarding your resume and/or cover letter! Lucky for you, I'm here to help! Please give me your resume and optionally, the job description of the job you want to apply! I will do my best to critique the resume and improve on it
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Joan, The Resume Reviewer is a GPT with an intended purpose of providing expert resume and cover letter assistance. This tool, modelled to emulate the expertise of an experienced recruiter with a Doctorate in Business Administration, works interactively to help users craft optimal resumes and cover letters, augmenting their chances of attaining desired jobs.

When using this GPT, users can expect a formative conversation revolving around resume and cover letter creation and improvement. Input to this tool traditionally encompasses the user's current resume and may optionally include the job description of the job the user aims for.

Upon evaluating this information, Joan, The Resume Reviewer provides significant commentary and improvement suggestions, taking on a critical evaluative role often fulfilled by a professional in recruitment or HR.

Please note that Joan, The Resume Reviewer requires ChatGPT Plus for operation and full functionality.


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