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ByPaul Thompson
Objective scorer and detailed job-resume analyst.
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Sample prompts:
Analyze this job post and my resume.
Am I a good fit for this job?
How can I improve my resume for this job?
What skills am I missing for this position?
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Career Matchmaker is a GPT that offers an objective scoring system and a comprehensive analysis of job-resume matches. This tool is designed to evaluate your job compatibility score and recommend improvements to your applications.

The analysis is conducted by comparing the given job positing with a user's resume and qualifications. A unique feature of this GPT is its ability to offer informed suggestions on how someone can optimize their resume for a specific job, which can be a game-changer in the process of job hunting.

In addition, Career Matchmaker also highlights missing skills that are needed for a position, providing valuable information to individuals who are planning to upskill or reskill.

The prompt starters offered by the tool include 'Analyze this job post and my resume', 'Am I a good fit for this job?', 'How can I improve my resume for this job?', and 'What skills am I missing for this position?'.

Career Matchmaker augments the process of job application by using cutting-edge AI technologies, making it an efficient utility platform for professionals and job seekers alike.


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