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ByAnandavadivelan Vijayaragavan
Expert in CV/Resume advice, enhanced with web reading.
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Can you review my CV for this job?
How should I edit my resume for this role?
Do I qualify for this job based on my CV?
Any advice for a standout resume?
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Resume Tailor is a GPT developed by Anandavadivelan Vijayaragavan that primarly assists users in improving their CVs or resumes by utilizing web reading capabilities.

It is specifically designed to provide expert advice on CV/resume creation, optimisation and analysis. Through a conversation with Resume Tailor, users can gain insights into how to tailor their resumes for specific roles, receive an evaluation of their current CV in relation to a particular job, and get answers to questions concerning job qualifications based on their CV.

In addition to assisting with CV customization, this tool also offers valuable suggestions for making a resume more noticeable among others. The GPT is predicated on the extraction of the latest trends in CV writing, making it a powerful resource for job seekers or anyone desiring to upgrade their CV.

It requires the user to sign up for ChatGPT Plus and is deployed through this platform. Offering a communicative, interactive way to refine and better structure a resume, Resume Tailor is an innovative tool that leverages AI to aid users in their career development process.

The welcome message upon use and prompt starters are geared towards a user-guided experience with the tool, with queries such as 'Can you review my CV for this job?', 'How should I edit my resume for this role?' amongst others, initiating meaningful and productive conversations concerning resume improvement.


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