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Boost your job chances with ATS-ready resume suggestions.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to tailor your resume?
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Let's build a cover letter?
Review JD for a role I am applying to.
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OpenToWork is a GPT designed to enhance your job application process by providing ATS (Applicant Tracking System) ready suggestions to improve your resume and cover letter based on a specific job description (JD).

This tool essentially enables you to tailor your application materials in line with the demand of the role you're applying for, thereby increasing your chances of landing the job.

One of its key features is the 'MATCH' indication which informs you whether your resume or cover letter aligns with the job description at hand. To begin using OpenToWork, users will need to sign up and it also requires ChatGPT Plus.

The welcome message for this GPT is 'Hello! Ready to tailor your resume?'. There are several prompt starters to guide users such as 'Let's build a cover letter?', 'Review JD for a role I am applying to.', 'How to use this GPT?', and 'What is ATS?'.

These prompts serve to provide direction and enhance user experience as they navigate through the job application process. In a nutshell, OpenToWork is a powerful tool that merges AI capabilities with job application best practices to help users optimize their resumes and cover letters, ultimately boosting their employment prospects.


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