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Job description + your resume = perfect application!
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Help me write the perfect cover letter and resume intro paragraph.
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GPT My Resume is a GPT purposed to assist users in creating impeccable job application materials. This AI tool operates with the aim of fusing an individual's resume with specific job descriptions resulting in an optimized application.

GPT My Resume's core function is to help tailor, augment and customize cover letters and resume introductions according to given job requirements and user's experience and qualifications.

Designed by Barry J Lange, the application seeks to enhance coherence between an applicant's resume and the key elements of a job description, thereby maximizing the chances of successful applications.

Notably, GPT My Resume requires ChatGPT Plus for efficient service delivery and performance, and users are required to sign up for access. With prompt starters such as 'Help me write the perfect cover letter and resume intro paragraph', the tool is structured to provoke thought, engage users interactively and address their job application needs comprehensively.

GPT My Resume utilises the capabilities of ChatGPT to comprehend job descriptions and the contents of a resume deeply, enabling it to create refined applications that are focused and relate to the job post's requirements.


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